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Links related to What If Soldiers Fought with Pillows? 

Watch Muhammad Ali’s Not Going to War speech from NBC News Check out Didier Drogba’s speech to  stop the civil war raging at home
Watch Ahmad Joudeh’s Dance or Die performance in Paris Take in the chilling MTV documentary about Y’en a Marre
guernica out of war
Visit  interactive  exhibit  Rethinking Guernica at the Reina Sofia Museum  Read  more  about  the  Children’s    Movement for Peace in “Out of War”
See the first time  Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler meet   Check this pivotal moment in history all because of ping pong  
critical thinking
See a documentary about  Desmond Doss’s refusal to carry a weapon Learn how to think critically by asking these questions from Wabisabi

Links related to Clutch

 royals-hat  thirteen-yiddish
Follow Jackie Robinson’s 1946 game  timeline on Test your Yiddish knowledge with this quiz from Thirteen (PBS)
Visit Jewish Montreal through maps, exhibits and virtual tours Watch the video “Jackie” by Annakin Slayd
 kandinsky  angel-statue
Decide for yourself whether  this art  should be called “degenerate” Visit my research board for a look at a novel in the making
 jackie-handshakemlb  four-freedoms
Check  out  the   baseball integration timeline by historian John Thorn  Learn about  the “Four Freedoms” at  the Norman Rockwell Museum
Watch the Abbott & Costello  Who’s  on First? comedy routine  

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